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MagiCam Camera
  1. When I buy a Magicam SD21 is the LCD Display, External Batteries and Remote Control included?
Yes standard features include: Detachable LCD display screen, IP68 rated protective waterproof case, wireless remote control, 2 high-capacity rechargeable lithium batteries, laser photo aiming tool, 10x digital zoom, 170°extra-large wide-angle lens, built-in microphone and more.

2. I already have an extreme sports video camera; will I be able to use the accessories from that camera on the Magicam SD21? Accessories like tripods that attach to the tripod mount will be compatible. Some other accessories may also be compatible. To make sure the accessories you have are completely compatible please contact us with specific details on the accessories in question and we will be glad to let you know if the other camera equipment will be usable with your new Magicam SD21.

3. I have a charger at home that is capable of charging lithium batteries of the same size used by the Magicam SD21; can I use it to charge the batteries that are supplied with the SD21?
Yes, you can use it, but it is always recommended that you use the charger made by AEE for charging the batteries used in the SD2. To avoid damage to batteries and possible voiding of warranty you should always use AEE equipment designed for the MagiCam.

4. Is a Micro SD memory card include with the purchase of a Magicam SD21?
The SD21 has 8GB of built in flash memory but additional memory storage cards must be purchased separately. It is recommended that the minimum quality of Micro SD card to be use is Class 4. If your video footage is of value to you then you should use at least a Class 6 card and ideally you want to use a Class 10 card.

5. What size memory Micro SD Card does the Magicam SD21 support?
The maximum size Micro SD memory card that can be used in your Migicam SD21is 64GB. Make sure to format any external memory card in your SD21 camera. Do not format the internal memory of the camera itself.

6. Why is it better to use brand name Micro SD memory cards of higher classes?
Brand name cards are generally more reliably manufactured. To protect the once in a lifetime events you may be filming we recommend that you use a minimum Class 6th card. The best memory cards are Class 10 because they record high resolution, high frequency recordings when shooting sequential photos or shooting videos at a high frame rate.

7. What are the advantages of buying a Magicam SD21 rather than a one of the GoPro Hero series Extreme Sports Video cameras? The Magicam is the result of high tech expertise, high quality materials and manufacture. This Extreme Sports Video Camera shoots at 1080p or 1080i (50/60 fps). Allow you to create high quality still photos or sharp clear videos even in super slow motion. This versatile camera has a variable shooting angle of 120, 145, and 170 degrees. It has an excellent UltraSharp lens and the ability to create cyclic recordings which makes it a great camera for black-box functions. This Magicam has external removable display and battery, waterproof cover good to 60 meters with a flat non-distorting lens. This leading edge camera has a large number of accessories including battery charger and a number of mounting devices. The quality and versatility of this camera along with the large number of included accessories and the low price makes this camera stand head and shoulders above its nearest competitor. a

  8. How long can the camera shoot when the battery fully charged? A fully charged internal battery will last up to two hours, with the external battery fully charged and connected total continuous recording time is 4 hours. If the camera is on but not filming then the batteries will last longer. Turning off the LCD viewer will also increase battery life.

9. How do I charge the camera batteries for my AEE MagiCam SD21?
The camera batteries can be charged with the charger connected through your computers USB port or with it connected to a car adapter or through the AC power adaptor connected to a wall socket.

10. Is the battery charger include when I buy a Magicam SD21?
Yes, USB cable, 12 volt charger, AC power adaptor and Charger are in the basic package.

11. Can I have the camera's LCD display connected under water?
Yes, the MagiCam SD21 has both a large and small watertight case that allows you to have the LCD display and external battery and other accessories connected underwater.

12. Can I use the laser pointer underwater?
Yes, the Magicam's waterproof case allows all normal functions.

13. Is the waterproof case Included in the basic Magicam package?
The basic Magicam SD21 package includes both the large and small waterproof case.

14. To what depth does the Magicam case remain waterproof? When the case is properly closed and secured the camera has waterproof protection down to 60 meters.

15. For what other purposes can the waterproof case be used?
You should use the waterproof case during bad weather (snow, rain…), or when in situations where it the activity could damage the camera. The case is shock resistant and protects the camera from impact, dropping, dust, etc.

16. Does the waterproof case affect the quality of the photos or videos?

As long as you keep the case free of smudges or scratches it will not affect the quality of the images you create.

17. What format are videos recorded in?
Video is recorded in .MOV(H.264 video compression). 18. Does the MagiCam have a zoom function? Yes, the camera has a 10x digital zoom.
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